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Welcome to my site. Thank you for visiting. 

If you’re here, you’re most likely in need of a graphic designer or creative director and if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s helping people and any size business with their design needs.  

Your Success is My Success

The truth is I’m only successful if you, the client, are happy with what I provide which could be anything from a logo design to working with you or your team on a creative strategy for branding, marketing, design, and more. 

How I Help You Succeed

With many years as a graphic designer under my belt (25 and counting), I’ve worked at and with top worldwide businesses and have acquired a vast array of experiences and knowledge. One such morsel is that messaging is the key and that it must be delivered in a compelling visual way.

I’ve been in the creative trenches, working with a variety of clients to deliver the products that help them succeed. I know how to effectively translate your needs into design and then work with you to refine and adjust to ensure you have the best solution, allowing you to succeed.

Engaging side by side with clients, imparting the creative and strategic tools they need to be successful, and building new ideas and bringing them to life are my best days. 

My purpose is to elevate your brand across mediums you never thought possible while establishing a clear voice in your industry. 


Creative Director

As creative director, I’m responsible for 

  • Handling all day-to-day client contacts and overseeing key projects to ensure that your brand and needs are properly and efficiently met

  • Provide creative direction and oversight 

  • Maintain effective management of the company workflow and team capacity

  • Coordinate and oversee freelancers and third-party vendors as needed and more

Design and Creative Consultant 

As a consultant, I help with day-to-day creative direction and support both in creative strategy and hands-on design execution.

Graphic Design

No job is too big or too small. If you’re a one-person shop simply needing a logo or a Fortune 500 business needing an entire brand redesign, ask me how I can help you

A Little Background on Heather

Growing up in New Orleans — a city so happy and laid back it’s called The Big Easy — the vibrant floats and Mardi Gras celebrations left a lasting impression on me. I even co-founded a previous business, Ballyhoo Blue Workshop to channel the bigger-than-life city of my youth and bring bigger, better solutions to my clients. 

The love of creativity and visual arts that stemmed from New Orleans has never left me, no matter where I’m located (although I do need my retreats to areas with lots of water). 

I pride myself on coming up with quick, smart solutions for clients — and the odds-on favorite for finding the baby in the Mardi Gras king cake.

Clients and Partners Include

Find more details on clients here.

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